Lower Limb Exercises

Always see our friendly podiatrist at the Moving Forward Foot Clinic before starting any exercises.

The Plantar Fascia and Calf Muscle Stretching 

  • The Plantar Fascia Stretch (English version)

  • The Plantar Fascia Stretch (Japanese version) / 足底筋膜のストレッチ(日本語)

  • The Calf Muscle Stretch (English version)

  • The Calf Muscle Stretch (Japanese version) / ふくらはぎの筋肉のストレッチ(日本語)

  • The Plantar Fascia Stretch (Seated on floor)

  • The Plantar Fascia Stretch (Seated on Chair)

  • The Calf muscle Stretch 

  • The Calf Muscle and The Plantar Fascia Stretch (Stand on floor or steps)

Intrinsic Foot Muscle
  • Intrinsic Foot Muscle Exercise A
  • Intrinsic Foot Muscle Exercise B

Muscles of the leg
  • Front Leg Muscle Stretching Exercise

Hip Muscles
  • Gluteus Muscle Strengthening Exercise