The podiatrist at Moving Forward Foot Clinic is highly trained in orthotic prescription and modification. 

Types of Orthotics
We offer a range of different types of orthotics including prefabricated, semi-customised and customised orthotics, to accommodate different foot conditions and all types of foot. 
Prefabricated Orthotics (off the shelf)
These devices have a large range of materials, sizes, shapes and degrees of correction.
Some pre-fabricated orthotics can be altered by podiatrist according to your foot and your concerns. 
Pre-fabricated orthotics can be issued at your appointment.

Semi-customised Orthotics
These devices are the next level up from pre-fabricated orthotics.
Podiatrist trace your feet to ensure the correct shape and size orthotic is produced.

Customised Orthotics

Your podiatrist can choose the precise amount of correction, shape, materials of shell and cover, padding and thickness in order to improve function and movement of muscles and joints as well as reduce weight-bearing pressure.

To obtain an accurate replication of your feet, we use 3D iQube scanner.

Delcam iQube 3D Foot Scanner

  • Accuracy +/- 0.4mm
  • 2 lasers 5 cameras
  • The ability to capture the back of your heels as well as the plantar surface
  • The ability to capture foot scans via weight-on, weight-off and semi-weightbearing modes.

Shell Material Options
Our podiatrist will choose the appropriate shell material for you.
  • EVA
  • Polypropelene 
  • Carbon Fibre (Superform)

Top Cover Options
Our podiatrist will advice the appropriate top cover material. You can choose a range of different colour depends on the material type.
Luna Soft

Our Orthotic Laboratory

Our orthotics are manufactured in Australia by Footwork Podiatry Laboratory. 

Footwork uses the latest technology CAD - CAM (Computer Aided Design - Computer Aided Manufacture) and Premium quality materials imported from Germany to provide a quality product. 

At the Moving Forward Foot Clinic, we also have a orthotic grinding machine and orthotic materials to allow podiatrist to do fine adjustment of your orthotics.

If you want to find out more about our orthotics or want to discuss how we can help your condition, please make an appointment with our friendly podiatrist.  

Call (03) 9041 4141 or click on online booking.